Bursa Kebab Evi-IRAN Branch


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Tejarat Donyaye Shirin Company, as the representative of Bursa Kebap Evi brand in Iran, is responsible to dispense restaurant stablish rights with Bursa Kebap Evi brand in all cities of Iran.

Features of Bursa Kebab Evi franchisee

 Main brand supports in marketing campaigns and reducing advertising and marketing costs

 Conducting professional and standard training at the international level periodically to the franchisee team

 Providing the same standards in supply and cooking as well as customer service

 Supplying raw materials required by the restaurants of the franchisee from BKE factory based on same standards

 Performing the same design and architecture align with the brand principles.

 Using the customer club rights

To receive the right to be a Bursa Kebab Evi restaurant franchisee, send your application via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call *** Ext. **.






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