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About Us

About Us

The most popular restaurant chain brand in Turkey
Bursa Kebap Evi; established in 2003 in Turkey with the aim of providing high quality and reasonable prices in its stylish and luxurious restaurants in order to offer the traditional taste of Turkish food to its customers.
Today, the restaurant has branches in 37 cities and more than 100 branches in 5 countries around the world.
The 102nd branch of Bursa Kebab Evi restaurant in Tehran and on Farmanieh Street, as the first and only international restaurant chain in Iran, officially started to work since 2021 and planned to become the largest restaurant chain with the expansion of more branches in other cities of Iran.
Bursa Kebab Evi Restaurant is proud to host more than 10 million customers in its branches per year.
Bursa Kebab Evi received the ITQI Top Taste Award in 2016.
Bursa Kebab Evi chain restaurants, offering the same service and quality in each branch of restaurant, with the priority of affordable price policy in luxury restaurants, by supplying the fresh ingredients, and serving delicious flavors of Turkish food for customers.




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